Testimonials from past and present delegates, and colleagues about Aonghus IT Services and Mitchell Ferguson's training methods,

Aonghus IT Services testimonials
"Great MS Project sessions with Mitchell. Very good explanations of difficult topics and very helpful, always eager to research and gives clear notes that are useful and informative."
 - 1 August 2016, J Flemming, Maurice Flynn & Sons, Ltd, Belfast
"Our expectations were far surpassed – we gained the overview we had hoped but additionally we gained a greater insight into the functionality of excel and how to get the most out of the programme."  
 - 10 September 2015, T Smith, G Molloy, SportNI, Belfast
"I had no previous knowledge of Excel before yesterday and I would say that from yesterday’s teaching and teaching methods, I learnt the foundations and certainly the confidence to approach and use Excel which has now become essential in my job. That was due to your fantastic teaching skills which I really do appreciate and very much hope to experience again." 
 - 24 September 2015, Gareth, Bedford House, Belfast
"I had a great experience learning illustrator for beginners. Mitchell is a great teacher and makes the learning process enjoyable. I found the support during the course and after to be great and definitely a worthwhile course."
 - July 2013 Emma, Delegate, Belfast
"Mitch is a great IT Trainer and a great musician. When I worked with him at New Horizons Ireland he regularly received rave reviews from satisfied learners. He definitely knows his stuff from a technical point of view but his real strength is the ability he has to impart knowledge. Much of this is due to his passion for helping learners acheive their goals and increase their productivity using technology.”

 - 15 October 2009, Peter Ingle, New Horizons Ireland, Dublin

“I worked with Mitch for several years in New Horizons, during this time Mitch as a senior trainer delivered courses including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Project. Mitch was always a team player and always volunteered to upskill himself to deliver new products and courses including training on bespoke software and Onenote to name a few.”

 - 6 October 2009, Alan Deery, New Horizons Ireland, Dublin

“Mitch was an excellent Trainer and I got constantly excellent reviews back from Clients throughout Ireland.”

 - 10 March 2010 Oisin Geraghty, Enterprise Account Manager - Cloud Solutions at SAP.

"I sat a few courses delivered by Mitchell. I was first very impressed with his in depth knowledge then I was amazed at his skill in managing the group of students, how he included everyone and facilitated the learning session.”

 - 29 July 2010 Eric Dumas, Solid Space, Dublin

"I have worked with Mitchell at New Horizons Computer Learning Center in RTP, NC. Mitchell did an excellent job as an instructor; he is extremely organized, works independently and has exceptional verbal communications. Mitchell was always willing to help and had a good rapport with the other instructors."
- 17 September, 2013, Leung Chan, Department of Transportation, Raleigh, NC

"Mitch delivered a range of courses covereing the complete suite of Microsoft Office products including Microsoft Access and Project, InfoPath and Crystal Reports to thousands of learners across the spectrum of Irish businesses.  Mitch consistently achieved top quality metrics for all of his delivery events." 
 - April, 2009, Liam McMahon, Managing Director, New Horizons Ireland and Northern Ireland, Dublin and Belfast

Mitch is wonderful!!  He has a great deal of knowledge - I really enjoyed this class and look forward to using the technique he taught me - thanks!!
- 30 March 2001, Guy Bush, American Red Cross, Raleigh, NC
Mitch is a great instructor and knows Outlook very well.  Great energy, very personal teaching style + responsive to our interests/questions.  Excellent classroom management.
- 30 May, 2003, Advanced Energy, NC State University, Raleigh, NC

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