Word 2010/365 - Level 2

At Course Completion:
Upon successful completion of this course, the delegates will be able to:

  • Manage lists  using tables
  • Use advanced tables and charts
  • Customise the document using styles and formats
  • Create customised graphics from the Insert tab
  • Insert customised content using Quick Parts Building Blocks
  • Control the flow of text
  • Create customised templates to automate new documents
  • Use the six step mail merge feature
  • Record macros to automate repetitive operations 

Word 2010/365 Intermediate Outline:

Lesson 1: Managing Lists

Sorting a List of data
Re-numbering a List of data
Customise a List of data

Lesson 2: Customising Tables and Charts

Sorting Tabled Data
Controlling Cell Layouts
Performing Formulas in a Table
Creating Database Charts

Lesson 3: Creating Customised Formats with Styles and Themes

Creating or Modifying Text Styles
Creating Custom Lists
Applying Default and Customised Document Themes

Lesson 4: Modifying Pictures

Resizing and modifying a Picture
Adjusting the Picture Appearance Settings
Working with Text and Graphics
Inserting and Formatting Screenshots for Use in Documents

Lesson 5: Creating Customised Graphic Elements

Creating Text Boxes and Pull Quotes
Drawing Basic and Flowchart Shapes
Adding WordArt and Special Effects to Text Objects
Creating Workflow Illustrations with SmartArt

Lesson 6: Using Building Blocks Involving Quick Parts

Inserting Text Building Blocks
Creating Text Building Blocks
Modifying Text Building Blocks
Inserting Standard Fields Using Quick Parts

Lesson 7: Controlling Text Flow

Controlling Paragraph Flow
Inserting Continuous Section Breaks
Inserting Column and Next Page Section Breaks
Inserting Fixed Columns for Text Flow
Linking Text Boxes to Control Movement in a Document


Lesson 8: Using Templates to Automate Document Creation

Creating a Document Based on Organisation Designed Templates
Creating a Template Style and Block Set

Lesson 9: Automating the Mail Merge

Using the Six Step Microsoft Mail Merge Feature
Merging Envelopes and Labels to a Document
Creating the Data Source to Merge the Document

Lesson 10: Creating Macros to Automate Common Tasks

Automating Tasks Using Defined Macros
Creating a Macro Using the Record Button
Creating a Macro Using the VBA Back-End

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