Project 2010/365 Web Access - Level 3

Duration:  Instructor Led Learning – 1 Day
At Course Completion:


Upon successful completion of this course, delegates will be able to:


  • Use Project Web Access (PWA) to connect to the Project Server and alter the email notification settings
  • View task assignments using the My Tasks page, modify various view options, and print task information
  • Enter task progress, reject and delegate task assignments, create new task assignments, and self-assign existing project tasks
  • Work with status reports from MS Excel
  • Create new reports using MS Excel
  • Post and locate the risks, issues, and documents associated with a project
  • Work with resource timesheets
  • View and analyse project status using enterprise tools


Project 2010 Web Access (Level 3) Outline:


Lesson 1: Using Project Web Access (PWA)

Accessing Project Server from SharePoint
Changing Email Notification Settings
Setting Permissions from the Main Menu


Lesson 2: Viewing Tasks in the Tasks Page

View Tasks Page Information
Change Task Display Order
Search for Task Information in a View
Filtering Daily Tasks
Setting Task View Options
Printing Task Information


Lesson 3: Updating Task Assignments

Updating Progress on Task Assignments
Attaching Notes to Task Assignments
Creating a New Task for a Resource
Assigning Yourself to an Existing Task
Notifying the Resource Manager of Your Non-Working Time
Reassigning a Task to Another User


Lesson 4: Submitting Status Reports

Submitting a Requested Status Report using MS Excel
Submitting an Unrequested Status Report


Lesson 5: Managing Risks, Issues, and Documents 

Working with Risk Levels
Working with Risk Issues
Working with MS Word Documents in Project Server and Sharepoint
Filtering Risks, Common Issues, and Documentation


Lesson 6: Viewing Project Status within the Enterprise System

Systems Administration in the Project Centre
Systems Administration in the Resource Centre
Working with MS Excel Reports
Modifying MS Excel Reports
Creating Custom Field for Additional Reporting

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