Prince2/MS Project Course Outline


Lesson 1: Introducing Prince2

·         The structure of Prince 2

·         Prince 2 principles

·         Prince 2 themes

·         Prince 2 processes

·         Tailoring the project environment

·         Benefits/Exceptions


Lesson 2: Introduction to Prince 2 Themes

·         Business case and organisation

·         Defining Quality Attributes

·         Approved Plans

·         Risk and change management

·         Progress of the plan


Lesson 3: Defining the Business Case

·         Developing the Business Case

·         Verifying the Business Case

·         Maintaining the Business Case

·         Confirming the Benefits


Lesson 4: Prince 2 Approach to Organisation

·         The customer environment

·         Project versus Programme creation

·         Corporate and Public organisations

·         Roles and responsibilities

·         Levels of organisations

·         Working with the project team, organisation and stake holders


Lesson 5: Defining Quality Using Prince 2

·         Quality management systems

·         Quality control

·         Quality assurance

·         Prince 2 approach to Quality


Lesson 6: Understanding Plans, Risk and Change Management

·         Plan defining and Staging of WBS

·         Risk Defining and Management Strategy

·         Issue and Change Control Procedures

·         Responsibilities to the Change theme


Lesson 7: Progress - Monitoring and Controlling the Project Process

·         Exceptions and Tolerances

·         Management Stages for Control

·         Event driven, Time Driven Reporting

·         Raising Exceptions


Lesson 8: Prince 2 Processes and Models

·         Prince2 Processes

·         Inputs and Outputs

·         Stages of Delivery

·         Process Models


Lesson 9: Connecting a Prince2 based Project when using MS Project

·         Assessing MS Project Features

·         Applying Corporate Values to Software

·         Using Prince2 Themes in MS Project Settings


Lesson 10: Starting up a Prince2 Project Plan using MS Project

·         Resources and Roles Development

·         The Work Breakdown Structure

·         Work Dependencies Identified

·         Constraints Identified in Tasks and Timelines


Lesson 11: Using MS Project to Configure the Management Strategy

·         Control Structures in MS Project

·         Setting Plan and Area Baselines

·         Configuring Report Structures


Lesson 12: Creating the Project Plan and Work Breakdown Structure

·         Inputting the Task Data to MS Project

·         Creating Phases and Milestones

·         Working with the Three Calendars


Lesson 13: Control Structures for Monitoring the Plan

·         Plotting the Matrices for Monitoring

·          Using Multiple Tables and Views in Control Structures

·         Configuring Gantt Bars for Task Confirmations


Lesson 14: Review the Phases using MS Project Reporting

·         Configuring Reports in MS Project

·         Highlighting Report Exceptions

·         Using Gantt Chart Highlights for Stakeholders

·         Creating a .pdf, Copy or Print for Verification


Lesson 15: Preparing Planned Closure Activities using Prince 2 and MS Project

·         Prince2 Project Closure Activities

·         Project Evaluation Strategies

·         MS Project Closure Structures

·         Responsibilities Assessed and Forwarded


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