Microsoft Powerpoint Multi-Media 2010

While completing this module, the delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of slide transitions and create transition effects from screen to screen
  • Add sound effects to slide transitions and control the timings of transition effects
  • Understand how animation effects can make any text or graphics object move onto the screen with a variety of special effects
  • Know the difference between preset and custom animations
  • Animate text, build text, and dim previously animated text
  • Animate images and coordinate the animation of multiple objects
  • Insert sound and video from the clip library
  • Find and insert sound and video from other sources beyond the clip library on the web
  • Make sound and movies autostart or customised
  • Create movie special effects including loops, animations, autoplay, crop, resize, brightness, and contrast
  • Insert automated GIF images from various Microsoft web sources onto the screen
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