InfoPath 2010/365 Advanced Course Outline

Duration: Instructor Led Learning – 2 Days

At Course Completion:

Upon successful completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  •       Understand various types of controls
  • Validate form data
  • Import designs from Word or Excel
  • Create cascading drop down lists
  • Work with forms that can be merged
  • Add resource files to form templates
  • Understand InfoPath Form Events
  • Manage data connections
  • Publish in various types of forms

InfoPath 2010/365 Level 2 Outline:


Lesson 1: Types of Controls  

Insert Controls on a Form Template
Understanding Controls and the Data Source
Input Controls
Object Controls
Container Controls
Custom Controls
Remove a Control from a Form Template

Lesson 2: Repeating and Optional Controls

Using Repeating Tables
Using Repeating Sections
Creating an Optional Section

Lesson 3: Control Tool Properties & Table Tools Tabs

Control Tool Properties Tabs
Using the Control Properties Dialogue Box
Using Table Tools Tabs

Lesson 4: Creating Actions and Executions

Creating an Action Based on User Input
Using Buttons to Switch Views
Applying Conditional Formatting
Calculating Fields
Validating Form Input Data


Lesson 5: Importing Form Designs 

Importing Designs from Other Applications
Importing Word Forms
Importing Excel Forms

Lesson 6: Advanced Form Tools

Cascading List Box
Merging Forms
Adding Resource Files to Your Form Template


Lesson 7: Understanding XML and VBA Code  

How InfoPath uses XML and Online Technologies
InfoPath Form Events
Working with Data Connections
Using an Add-In
The Developer Tab


Lesson 8: Publishing Forms  

Understanding Form Security
Setting Form Template Security Level
Establishing Network Locations

Hosting InfoPath Forms

Lesson 9: SharePoint Integration

Maintaining Form Libraries
Promoting Field Properties
Email Enabling Document Libraries
SharePoint Workflow

Lesson 10: Publishing Forms for Use with SharePoint

Publishing To a SharePoint Form Library
Publishing To a SharePoint Site as a Content Type
Browser Capable Forms
Installable Form Template

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