SAP Crystal Reports XI - Level 2

Duration: Instructor Led Learning – 2 Days

At Course Completion:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Create running totals in a report
  • Build cross-tabs in your report
  • Add SubReports to a report
  • Design a report that uses a drill-down
  • Improve processing speed in your reports
  • Chart single and multiple data series
  • Report from Excel data
  • Implement report prompts
  • Enhance report functionality   

Crystal Reports XI Level 2 Outline:


Lesson 1: Creating Running Totals for Reports

Creating and Designing a Running Total Field 
Creating a Manual Running Total on Selected Data
Creating a Manual Running Total on Summary Data


Lesson 2: Building Cross-tab Queries and Charts

Creating a Cross-tab
Creating a Specified Group Order
Filtering a Cross-tab by Group
Changing the Cross-tab Formatting Feature
Conditional Formats for Rows and Columns
Keeping Crosstab Groups Together


Lesson 3: Adding SubReports to Basic Reports

Inserting a SubReport
Linking SubReports to a Primary Report
Editing a SubReport’s Structure
Formatting a SubReport Using the Format Options
Connecting Variables between SubReports and Primary Reports


Lesson 4: Creating Drill-downs Using Report Tabs

Using Drill-downs to Modify and Section Reports
Creating Separate Headings and Pages for Drill-down Data
Changing the Drill-down Criteria


Lesson 5: Enhancing Report Processing by Writing SQL Statements

Creating a Report Using Basic SQL Queries
Summarising Report Data Using SQL Aggregate Functions
Changing Join Types Using SQL
Creating SubQueries
Creating a Field using SQL Expressions


Lesson 6: Advanced Data Charting

Creating an Advanced Chart
Modifying an Advanced Chart
Formatting an Advanced Chart
Creating Chart Templates
Creating a Top N Charts
Creating Cross-tab Charts for Advanced Data Viewing


Lesson 7: Reporting on Excel Data with Crystal Reports

Creating a Report Based on imported MS Excel Data
Modifying a Report Generated from MS Excel Data
Updating Data in a Report Based on MS Excel Data


Lesson 8: Working with Prompts and Parameters

Creating a Static Prompt and Parameters
Creating a Dynamic Prompt and Parameters


Lesson 9: Enhancing Report Functionality

Group Data Hierarchically
ing a Dynamic Image of the Data

ing a Report Alert of Data Inconsistencies
ing a Geographic Map with Data (similar to GIS)

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