Microsoft Word 2010/365 - Level 1

Duration: Traditional Instructor Led Learning – 1 Day

At Course Completion:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:


  • Identify and work with basic Word 2010 elements and features
  • Edit text in a Word letter or large document
  • Modify the formatting of text in a document
  • Insert special characters and graphical objects
  • Organise data in Word tables
  • Proof or translate a Word document
  • Control the alignment of pages in a Word document
  • Prepare, print or file a Word document


Word 2010/365 Level 1 Outline:


Lesson 1: Getting Started with Word 2010

Identify the Elements of the Word Ribbon
Customise the Word Interface
Enter Text in a Document
Edit or Modify Text in a Document
Save a Document in various formats

Lesson 2: Editing Text in a Word Document

Select Text and Paragraphs
Modify Text and Paragraphs
Find and Replace Text


Lesson 3: Modifying the Appearance of Text in a Word Document

Apply Character Formatting
Align Text Using Tables
Display Text as List Items in a Table
Modify the Layout of a Paragraph
Apply Styles and Formatting
Manage Word Formatting
Apply Borders and Shading to Tables


Lesson 4: Inserting Special Characters and Graphical Objects

Insert Symbols and Special Characters in a Table
Add Illustrations to a Document in a Table

Lesson 5: Organising Data in Tables

Insert a Data Table
Modify a Data Table
Format a Data Table
Converting Text to a Table
Converting Table to Text

Lesson 6: Reviewing a Word Document

Check Spelling and Grammar
Use the Thesaurus
Translating a Word document
Using Research in a Word document


Lesson 7: Controlling the Page Layout in a Word Document

Apply a Page Border and Colour
Add Margins and Size Requirements
Apply a Watermark to the Background
Insert Headers and Footers in a Word document


Lesson 8: Printing Word Documents

Adding Page Settings
Preparing the document
Preview and Print a Document
Publishing Word documents as a .pdf


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