Publisher 2010/365 - Level 1

Duration: Instructor Led Learning - 1 Day

At Course Completion:

Upon successful completion of this course, the delegates will be able to:

  • Familiarise with the Publisher 2010 environment and start working on publications
  • Modify the layout and structure of a publication such as newsletters and brochures
  • Format text in a newsletters, brochures and posters
  • Edit the contents of a publication
  • Format graphics of a publication
  • Prepare any publication for sharing 

Publisher 2010/365 Beginning Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Publisher 2010


Identifying the Components of the Publisher Interface
Customising the Publisher Interface
Creating Basic Publications for distribution
Adding Contents to a Publication

Lesson 2: Modifying the Layout and Structure of a Publication 


Importing and Managing Text in a Publication
Organising Text Boxes and Picture Placeholders and Tables in a Layout
Controlling the Display of Content in Tables
Inserting Common Layout Elements
Using Customised Publisher Building Blocks

Lesson 3: Formatting Text in a Publication 


Formatting Text
Formatting Paragraphs
Applying Paragraph Styles
Applying Publisher Schemes

Lesson 4: Editing Content in a Publication


Edit Text in a Publication
Present Content in Tables
Review Text in a Publication
Insert Symbols and Special Characters

Lesson 5: Formatting Graphics and Photos in a Publication


Customising the Appearance of Graphics and Pictures
Adding Graphical and Picture Objects to Publications

Lesson 6: Preparing a Publication for Distribution


Spell Checking and Proofing the Design of a Publication
Saving a Publication for Distribution
Previewing and Printing a Publication
Sending a Publication by Email or Publishing to a Website

View Publisher Advanced 2010 Outline

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