Microsoft Outlook 2010/365 - Level 1

Duration:  Instructor Led Learning – 1 Day

At Course Completion:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explore the Outlook programme interface
  • Compose basic email messages
  • Organise messages into public and private folders
  • Manage contacts, contact information and contact activities
  • Schedule single day, all day and recurring appointments
  • Schedule a meetings and replies using voting buttons
  • Manage basic and advanced tasks 

Microsoft Word Beginning Level Outline:

Lesson 1: Outlook Basics

Using the Basic Components of Outlook
Open and Read Email Messages
Reply to and Forward Email Messages
Print Email Messages
Delete Email Messages

Lesson 2: Creating Messages

Create Email Messages
Format Email Messages
Check Message Spelling and Grammar
Attach a File to a Message
Using Formats on an Email Message
Send an Email Message to recipients

Lesson 3: Organising Messages with Folders

Manage Email Messages and Folders
Moving Email Messages into Various Folders
Open and Save Email Attachments

Lesson 4: Managing Contacts

Creating a New Contact
Modifying a New Contact
Find a Contact Using the Mapping Feature
Update Contacts and Contact Activities

Lesson 5: Scheduling Daily, Recurring and All Day Appointments

Explore the Outlook Calendar Features
Schedule a single and recurring Appointment
Creating All Day Appointments
Edit any Outlook Appointment

Lesson 6: Managing Meetings in Outlook

Schedule a Meeting  Using Voting Tools
Reply to a Meeting Request or Request a Change
Track and Update Scheduled Meetings
Keeping Meeting Contacts Up to Date

Printing the Outlook Calendar

Lesson 7: Managing Tasks and Notes

Creating a Basic or Advanced Task
Edit and
a Basic or Advanced Task
Adding New Fields to a Task

View Outlook Intermediate 2010 Outline

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