InfoPath 2010/365 - Creating InfoPath Forms

Duration: Instructor Led Learning – 2 Days
At Course Completion:

Upon successful completion of this course, delegates will be able to:


  • Create InfoPath forms
  • Import and export forms
  • Customise a form layout
  • Manage form views
  • Apply security functions to forms
  • Distribute forms to other Users
  • Manage form controls
  • Work with a database for data retrieval

InfoPath 2010 Level 1 Outline:


Lesson 1: Creating InfoPath Forms

Exploring the InfoPath 2010 Interface
Drafting an InfoPath Form
Adding Data Validation Rules
Testing an InfoPath Form 

Lesson 2: Importing and Exporting Forms
Importing Form Data Using InfoPath Designer
Exporting Form Data to Excel Using InfoPath Filler
Exporting Form Data to the Web Using InfoPath Filler 

Lesson 3: Customising Form Layouts 

Customising InfoPath Tables
Formatting a Form
Inserting Graphical Objects
Creating Form Sections
Merging Forms


Lesson 4: Managing InfoPath Views

Creating Custom Views
Assigning Organisation User Roles to a View


Lesson 5: Applying Security to Forms

Protecting InfoPath Forms
Restricting User Access to a Form
Set Security Areas of the Form


Lesson 6: Distributing Forms to the Organisation

Publishing an InfoPath Form
Publishing a Form to Email Recipients
Troubleshooting Publishing Problems


Lesson 7: Managing Form Controls

Describing Data Source Concepts
Customising Form Controls
Binding Control Areas


Lesson 8: Working with a Database Connection 

Developing a Form from a Database
Using InfoPath Forms to Add Records to a Database
Using InfoPath Forms to Query a Database
Populating Form Controls from a Database


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