Adobe Illustrator CS6/CC - Level 1

Duration: Instructor Led Learning – 1 Day
At Course Completion:
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  •       Get acquainted with the Adobe Illustrator CS6 application
  • Create shapes in a document
  • Create custom paths
  • Work with text in an Illustrator document
  •       Work with objects
  •        Enhance documents
  • Proof documents to make them more accurate
  • Save images for web and print


Adobe Illustrator CS6 Outline:

Lesson 1: Getting Acquainted with Adobe® Illustrator® CS6

Examine Imaging Concepts
Explore the Interface
Customize the Interface

Lesson 2: Creating Shapes in a Document

Create a Document
Draw Basic Shapes
Save a Document

Lesson 3: Creating Custom Paths

Draw Paths
Modify Paths

Lesson 4: Working with Text

Insert Text
Flow Text on a Path
Import Body Text
Format Text with Styles
Thread Text
Apply Hyphenation
Insert Typographic Characters

Lesson 5: Working with Objects

Import Graphics
Manipulate Objects

Lesson 6: Enhancing Documents

Format Objects
Apply Strokes
Apply Gradients
Apply Graphic Styles
Apply an Envelope to Text

Lesson 7: Proofing a Document

Wrap Text
Find and Replace Text
Fix Spelling Errors

Lesson 8: Saving Images for Web and Print

Export Images for Print
Save Images for the Web
Save Images as PDFs

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