Access 2010/365 - Level 2

Duration: Instructor Led Learning - 2 Days with Labs

At Course Completion:
Upon successful completion of this Access 2010
Intermediate course, the delegate(s) will be able to:


  • Ensure data are placed into appropriate tables according to proper data connections
  • Minimise redundancy in the data table structure, while also learning data join features
  • Write advanced append, update and make table queries to analyse and summarise data
  • Create easy to use macros to enhance the form capabilities
  • Customise reports by using in built wizards and advanced properties features
  • Use the access maintenance tools for database control and analysis


Access 2010 Intermediate Outline:


Lesson 1: Structuring Existing Data Tables Effectively

Restructuring the Data in a Table
Creating a many-to-many
Junction Table
Improving the Table’s Integrity

Lesson 2: Creating Advanced Queries

Creating SubDataQueries
Creating Unmatched and Duplicate Queries
Filter Records Using Parameter Criteria
Summarising Data Using a Crosstab Query and Export to Excel Pivot Tables

Lesson 3: Reducting Task Issues with Macros

Creating a Simple Macro
Limit Record Changes Using a Macro
Validation of Data Entry Using a Macro Set

Automation and Control of Data Entry Using a Macro

Lesson 4: Creating Reports & Managing Output

Create an Advanced Report using Wizards
Including a Bar or Pie Chart in a Report
Printing Data in Using Advanced Features such as Columns and Page Changes

Cancelling of Printing of a Blank Report using a Macro
Publishing a Report as a .pdf

Lesson 5: Using Access Database Maintenance Tools

Linking Tables to External Data Sources  such as MS Excel
your Database
Determining Dependency Relationships

Using the Documenter in a Database
Analysing the Performance of your Database


 View Access Advanced 2010 Outline

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