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We want to help you or your staff members become Microsoft Office Specialist or IC3 Certified!

We also offer ECDL Certifications and Adobe Cerifications

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Aonghus IT Services helps you or your staff prepare for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certifications

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is the credential required by academia and business, recognised globally as a premier credential chosen by individuals, companies or organisations seeking to validate their knowledge, skills and abilities relating to the core Microsoft Office applications.  Certifications include, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Access and MS PowerPoint.  The expert levels include MS Word and Excel.  Individuals may choose to take one or all.  If the person takes all core and expert exams, a Master Certification will be awarded.  For those seeking a certification in MS Project, one is available for version 2003.

Aonghus IT Services helps you or your staff prepare for Digital Computing Certifications

If you are focused on a future career in computers, or any field that requires the use of computers, one certification can set you apart from the crowd. The Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC³®) provides students and job seekers with the foundation knowledge they need to succeed in environments that require the use of computers and the Internet. The Global Standard 4 is an internationally recognised standard for digital literacy and reflects the most relevant skills needed in today's for profit, non-profit, academic and governmental  business environments.

Aonghus IT Services helps you or your staff prepare for ECDL Certifciations

ECDL Foundation works with communities, local and regional authorities, national governments, international bodies such as the United Nations and other development and international Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), in the delivery of its ICT skills certification programmes.  Aonghus IT Services can enable proficient use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that empowers individuals, organisations and society, through the development, promotion, and delivery of quality certification programmes throughout the world.  At Aonghus IT Services, we are here to support you and your goals!
Aonghus IT Services helps you or your staff prepare for Adobe Certified Expert Certifciations

It can be difficult to stand out and be noticed in today’s job market. Becoming an Adobe Certified Expert gives you a clear and focused way to tell the world about your expertise and communicate your proficiency in leading products from Adobe. Learn more about how to get certified.
Or, keep your Adobe certifications current and keep your professional edge. Certifications on Adobe Digital Marketing Suite products are valid for 12 months. All other product certifications do not expire; however, keeping your certification status up to date ensures your continued expertise on Adobe products.  At Aonghus IT Services we are ready to assist you in your need to keep up with the latest design and cloud computing techniques.